Private Chicago 4-Hour Photo Tour

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Private Chicago 4-Hour Photo Tour


Note: Any Private Chicago 4-Hour Photo Tour purchased will be for 2019 dates and participant will have until December 31, 2019 to schedule session.

This is a 4 hour private photo tour/workshop of Chicago. Barry will bring you to variety of spots in Chicago. Landscape photo instruction is included. This is a 4-hour contiguous session and is offered on weekends only. Transportation to different areas of Chicago is included. For mornings, the session will start 45 minutes before sunrise and continue for 4 hours. For evenings, the session will start 2.5 hours prior to sunset so nighttime photography will be included and end 1.5 hours after sunset.

Location(s) to be determined based on conditions and your interests, but we will meet in the Chicago downtown area.  

Cancelation policy:

You can make a cancellation and receive the following refund:

48 hours prior notice – 100% refund

24 hours prior notice – 50% refund

12 hours prior notice – 25% refund

Any cancelation less than 12 hours by the participant will forfeit any refund, no exceptions.

Barry Butler Photography cancellation due to weather conditions:

Full refund if the canceled due to weather prior to start of photo tour/workshop.  I will make this decision no later than 1 hour prior to start time.

Any cancellation refund by BBP during the photo tour/workshop will be prorated based on time in-field. 

Heavy rain and/or lightning, but not limited to, are reasons why BBP will cancel a session.


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